Harris: Migrants Shouldn’t Come to U.S. Despite People Getting In Because Journey Is ‘Extremely Dangerous’

During an interview with NBC aired on Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris responded to a question on why migrants shouldn’t come to the United States when people are getting in because the journey is “extremely dangerous.”

NBC host Lester Holt asked, “In the news conference here in Guatemala City, you had a message for would-be migrants, don’t come. Why should they believe you when they know that people are getting in?”

Harris responded, “I’ve been working on this issue for a very long time, and the kind of violence and danger that is associated with that trek, especially when we’re talking about from Guatemala, through Mexico, to the United States. It’s extremely dangerous. We are looking at a situation where people are fleeing because of hunger, because of the hurricanes, because of the pandemic. So, the reason I am here is to address those issues, knowing that the people who are here for generations, they want to stay. They don’t want to leave. But they need opportunity. They need assistance. They need support.”

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