Levin: Dems, Media ‘Mostly Silent’ During Portland Rioting Despite ‘Violent Attacks’ Against Federal Courthouse

Sunday on his Fox News Channel show “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin pointed out the hypocrisy from Democrats and members of the media in regards to the rioting in Portland and the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Levin noted there was “wave after wave of violent attacks against the federal courthouse” in the name of protesting social justice. He questioned why the media and Democrats have been so outspoken against the Capitol riot but have been “mostly silent” about the violence in Portland.

“You had wave after wave of violent attacks against the federal courthouse in Portland,” Levin outlined. “That’s the third branch of government. And when federal law enforcement was sent there to try and protect it by President Trump, Nancy Pelosi called federal law enforcement storm troopers. That went on for a hundred nights, a hundred nights, and it was violent with Molotov cocktails, with lasers flashed into people’s eyes, and so forth. Mostly peaceful, that nonsense. Then we know what took place at the White House, whether attack after attack, up against the fence in the White House, they had to bring new fences in, about 50 Park Police were injured, over 50 Secret Service were injured, and they attacked Donald Trump. They lied about Donald Trump in terms of clearing Lafayette Park.”

“I don’t know that the FBI and the Department of Justice were rounding up those people. That was an insurrection,” he continued. “I don’t know if they were rounding up the people in Portland. We know they weren’t. That was an insurrection. All summer long, we saw an insurrection with our cities burning, with police precincts being attacked, with cops being attacked, with other human beings being attacked. And the Democratic Party and the media, well, they were mostly silent, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. What are the conditions in this jail that they set aside for the January 6 people?”

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