CNN’s Zakaria Hits ‘Disrupter-in-Chief’ Trump, Says Biden Is ‘Stabilizing the World’

Wednesday on “CNN Newsroom,” network anchor Fareed Zakaria sounded off on the meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland.

Zakaria said Biden is “stabilizing the world” with his “predictable” behavior. He pointed out that is a stark difference from former President Donald Trump, who he said acted as a “disrupter-in-chief” while in office.

“[F]undamentally, what Biden understands is that the world is stable because the United States and its allies have put in place a series of institutions, rules, norms, procedures that kind of regulate, regularize, stabilize,” Zakaria emphasized. “This is why we have had enormous change in the world over the last 70 years, and yet we have not had a major power war.”

“So, for the United States to continue to play that historic role as stabilizer-in-chief, it needs to be clear. It needs to be predictable,” he continued. “It needs to be deterring bad stuff. It needs to be encouraging good behavior. Trump was doing almost the opposite in that sense. He was the disrupter-in-chief. So what Biden is returns the United States to is that core position of stabilizing the world which has helped us all get peace and prosperity over the last 70 years.”

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