DeSantis: If the Federal Government Is Unwilling, Unable to Act on the Border, Then the States Are Going to Have to Step Up

During an appearance on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) explained his decision to send state law enforcement officers to the border to aid Texas and Arizona handle the influx of drugs and other criminal elements.

The Florida governor likened it to help his state has gotten in the past responding to hurricanes.

“So, when we have emergency situations, states help each other out,” he said. “We’ve gotten a lot of help over the years responding to hurricanes. This is a disaster. And it is an emergency for people like Texas and Arizona. They asked all governors to be able to send support. Florida is the first one to answer the call. We’re going to have personnel from our state law enforcement agencies. And then we have a number of our sheriff’s departments who raised their hands. They wanted to be part of it as well.”

“This does affect everyone, Laura,” DeSantis continued. “I, just a couple of weeks ago, was meeting with some of my sheriffs in north Florida, some of the rural counties. They said the number one problem is the methamphetamine, and it’s almost all coming in from across the southern border. Well, what’s been happening these last six months, this stuff is pouring across. It is damaging our society. It is hurting people’s lives. It’s causing people to lose their lives for these drug overdoses. So we think it’s something that, one, when they asked, we want to be good Americans.”

“But we also think it is good for our state to get this under control,” he added. “And if the federal government is unwilling or unable to act, then the states are just going to have to step up.”

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