Fauci to Red State Vaccine Skeptics: Just ‘Get Over This Political Statement,’ Get Vaccinated

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that if people were not getting a coronavirus vaccine as a “political statement,” they should get over it.

Fauci said, “It’s absolutely accurate. Where there are high levels of vaccination, there are low levels of infection, low hospitalization, almost no deaths. Where we have no vaccination, here we have higher levels of infection, higher risk of hospitalization. It is not complicated.”

He continued, “We have a vaccine that is highly effective in preventing diseases, certainly in preventing severe disease and hospitalization. It’s easy to get, it’s free, and it is readily available. You’ve got to ask, what is the problem? Get over it. Get over this political statement. Just get over it and trying to save the lives of yourself and your family.”

Fauci added, “One of the threats that’s worrisome to everybody is that the more circulation of a virus you have, without completely crushing it, the greater chance of the evolution of yet again, another variant, which we may not be able to handle as well. Lucky for us, the variants that are circulated, are handled quite well by the vaccines that are available. We are pretty lucky in that regard. If we keep allowing the virus to circulate, wherever it is, whatever red states, or whatever states are the ones who are not getting vaccinated, then you are the threat of the entire system getting in trouble because you have a new variant.”

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