Rubio: ‘Everyone Who Is Eligible Should Be Vaccinated’

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that “everyone who is eligible should be vaccinated” against the coronavirus.

When asked about the surges of cases in Florida fueled by the Delta variant, Rubio said, “Look, I think what we’ve done and what you can do, there’s three things. Number one is you have to make vaccines available, which they are readily available to all Americans, including those in Florida. Number two, government has a role to play in encouraging people to get vaccinated. I’ve done that consistently from the very beginning. I think everyone who is eligible should be vaccinated. But ultimately, it’s an issue —you know, we have been telling people for a long time that you shouldn’t smoke, it causes cancer and heart disease, some people still want to smoke. The numbers have come down, but people still do it. There’s part here that has to do with individual responsibility.”

He added, “People have to understand that with the vaccine if you’re vaccinated, you might still get COVID. It protects you against it, you may still get it, but you’re not going to wind up in a hospital, intubated or dead. And that’s really the key here, and we have to continue to try to convince people of it. There are some people you will never convince, and in a free society, there are limits to what a government can force people to do.”

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