Herschel Walker Hopes to Be a ‘Uniter’ with Senate Run, Promises to Bring ‘Integrity’ Back to GA, USA

On Sunday, former star NFL running back Herschel Walker, a GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, vowed to bring “integrity” and “honesty” back to the United States.

The Donald Trump-endorsed candidate emphasized on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” the importance of bringing back “integrity” to the state of Georgia and the country after the 2020 election debacle. Walker also stressed that he intends to be an “uniter.”

“I’m going to get out, and I’m going to fight for the people. one of the things I want people to know is this is what I’m going to do — I’m going to go out and try to bring integrity back to the state of Georgia because I represent the people of the state of Georgia, and they’re going to see that I will fight for them.”

“[I]’m a uniter,” he added. “I want to bring people together. I’m not out here to separate people the way they’ve been doing. I’m going to fight for the people, and that’s why I’m going to encourage people today to go to teamherschel.com and help me fight for you because that’s what we’ve got to do together as people — is bring people back together.”

Walker then laid out the rest of his platform, which includes supporting the military, strengthening the nation’s borders and school choice.

“I think the main platform is bring some integrity, just bring honesty back to this country, to the state of Georgia, because, you know, I believe in those goals that should be goals that everyone believes in — that everyone should have law and order for all people, not just for certain people but for all people,” Walker outlined. “I believe in supporting our military, which is what we should do. I believe in border control. You know, we’ve got to have border control. Those are things that we should all be believing in, not just a certain group or anyone like that. And I believe in school choice. I think everyone should have school of choice, education for our kids. And those are common things that everyone should be believing in, but it seems like the left doesn’t believe in that. They believe in separation, and that’s something that I do not believe in. I don’t believe in separation.”

He continued, “I think the reason this country is the greatest country in the world is they brought so many great minds together and put them together, and you don’t have just two classes like you have in a lot of other countries, the rich and the poor. In this country, you have the people that have the freedom to go out and work and make the American dream come true, and that’s what I believe in is helping to get that done.”

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