GOP Rep. Jordan Blasts Biden — Hasn’t Done ‘One Thing Right’

Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) hit President Joe Biden for having mishandled the ongoing crises in the United States such as immigration, Afghanistan, coronavirus, and the economy.

Jordan, pointing to the “chaos” at the border, a surge in crime and inflation, argued that Biden and his administration have not “done one thing right.”

Host Stuart Varney asked Jordan, “Can you show me or point to any single success for President Biden in his first eight months?”

No,” Jordan replied. “We went from a secure border to chaos. We went from energy independence to the President of the United States — think about this — the President of the United States actively lobbying OPEC to increase production — all in eight months. We went from relatively safe cities to crime surge everywhere because the Democrats keep wanting to focus on defunding the police. We went from stable pricing and increasing real wages to a 40-year inflation high … and not to mention the foreign-policy debacle that was the withdrawal from Afghanistan. So, yeah, they have not done one thing right, and that’s why his poll numbers are where they are.”

In a post on Twitter, Jordan hit Biden for entrusting Dr. Anthony Fauci with the coronavirus pandemic and Gen. Mark Milley with Afghanistan, saying, “No wonder it’s all a mess.”

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