MSNBC’s Johnson: Rittenhouse Verdict ‘Warning’ to White BLM Supporters — ‘Race Traitors’ Can Be Shot

MSNBC guest host Jason Johnson said Friday on “The ReidOut” that Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict meant all white Americans who support Black Lives Matter can now be shot.

Johnson said, “Kyle Rittenhouse killed two white men protesting on behalf of black lives and got away with it. As a single most important thing to understand about today’s ruling, by allowing him to go free and potentially commit other crimes, this jury sent the final and loudest warning to white America about the dangerous rise of White Nationalist terror in this country. One I suspect will be ignored by leaders, politicians, and the press. Kyle Rittenhouse killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and faced no consequences because those men were race traitors. White men that have the audacity to protest police shooting Jacob Blake, a black man in the back seven times in his own car.”

He continued, “Black folks have known the impact of white terrorism since we were first told we were technically free-ish. It’s a warning to every white suburbanite with a Black Lives Matter poster in their window, every white church youth leader chanting about George Floyd in the local Walmart, and every White dad from Lorain, Ohio to Lubbock Texas who dares have a BLM sticker on their car. Those people now know that they too can be shot by a white 17-year-old with an AR-15 if he feels threatened by their desire to see America live up to its potential. Too many Americans think they have the complexion for protection with the same forces behind Charlottesville and the insurrection, but Kyle Rittenhouse and Judge Schroeder have blown a hole in that belief.”

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