During an interview with CBS’ “The Takeout” podcast recorded on Tuesday and released on Friday, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) said there is “a crisis at the border” and we need to have stronger investments of people and resources to address the issue.

Host Major Garrett asked, [relevant remarks begin around 38:50] “Does this White House have a blind spot about what’s happening at the border and the political implications thereof?”

Spanberger responded, “I don’t know how I would classify it, but should we be taking action to ensure that every individual who’s working at the border has the technology, the resources that they need? Absolutely. We have border security agents who are working so hard, and contending with people who are trying to cross the border is one portion of it. But doing interdictions is another portion of it.”

She added, “We have a crisis at the border that we have to contend with. We have people who are crossing the border and we need greater technology. We need greater investments of people and of resources and immigration judges.”

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