Ron Johnson: ‘President Biden Is Dramatically, Seriously Compromised’

During an appearance on FBN’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) warned the turmoil in the world, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was underway, there are still unresolved issues about President Joe Biden’s business dealings with Russia and China.

Johnson described Biden as “dramatically, seriously compromised.”

“That’s my concern,” he said. “We don’t know all of his foreign financial entanglements. We’ve certainly shown the indication of the advanced web of them. But I’ll tell you who does know: Russian intelligence, Chinese intelligence. Is that why he lifted the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which again was one of the factors emboldening and tempting Putin to invade Ukraine? What does China know? Is that why he canceled the China initiative, to make sure they don’t steal our intellectual property from our university systems?”

“Again, I think Tony Bobulinski was right,” Johnson added. “President Biden is dramatically, seriously compromised. We just don’t know to what extent.”

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