Conway to Farah Griffin: Alyssa You Haven’t Seen the Light — Just ‘Your Name in Lights’

Former Trump officials Kellyanne Conway and Alyssa Farah Griffin debated the 2020 election and the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View.”

Griffin said, “I broke with the president ahead of January 6 when the ‘big lie’ started being shared. I resigned in December 4, and I spoke out after January and  6 when I saw a violent mob assault the Capitol.

Conway said, “Is there a question in there?”

Griffin said, “Yes. How do you still defend him? Do you still think he could be a good president after he tried to overturn our democracy?”

Conway said, “So I left three months before you did, for my children, I have four of them. I said less drama, more mama. And that’s exactly what I did. I think you stayed a whole month after the election that you were having a problem with.”

Griffin said, “I wanted to help my junior staff get jobs. I stayed for three weeks after —”

Conway said, “I think people should know that because I haven’t seen you since you changed. But I want to say this to you —”

Griffin said, “Just to be clear. I didn’t change. I swore an oath to the Constitution —”

Conway said, “I don’t want to argue. You get to talk here every day. I am here as a guest.”

Griffin said, “I swore an oath to the Constitution, not to Donald Trump.”

Conway said, “As we all did. As we all did, and I appreciate that. I think there was a lot wrong with the 2020 campaign and I think in addition to that afterwards your former boss Mark Meadows, who was a terrible chief of staff, the man did not match the moment for a global pandemic, a re-election campaign —”

Griffin said, “Neither did Donald Trump.”

After crosstalk, Conway said, “Alyssa, if you’re saying that somehow you think we’re supposed to think that you’ve seen the light and not your name in lights, that’s not fair.”

Griffin said, “That’s such a cheap shot.”

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