Hillary Clinton: Biden ‘Did a Very Important Service to the Country’ by Calling Republicans ‘Semi-Fascist’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that President Joe Biden “did a very important service to the country” by calling so-called “MAGA Republicans” “semi-fascist.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “So this past week as President Biden gave a speech on democracy and the threats to it. As a Republican, I have been outspoken that I think it’s one of the biggest issues facing our country, but I did worry that using the language saying many who support the former president are semi-fascist or leaning toward it was divisive. You experienced this when you used the term deplorable, a backlash from the right. Do you think the president met the right tone, or do you think this was divisive and could have been framed better?”

Clinton said, “You know, I think he did a very important service to the country in giving the speech that he gave because too many people are not yet aware of how fragile our democracy is. And I’m not going to second guess the language he used because there has been so much that has gone beyond anything I ever would have dreamed of, starting with January 6th, but so many threats of violence and, you know, concerns that people are expressing about the country, you know, coming apart and all of that. So I think he did a real service, and I personally thought it was a strong and necessary speech. I would not second guess any of the language.”

She added, “The final thing I would say is, you know, look – fascism is a very big word. I know that, but so is socialism, and the Republicans call every Democrat who wants people to have health care a socialist.”

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