NBC News: Strict Voter ID Laws Disproportionately Impact Trans Voters

Wednesday, NBC reporters Joe Fryer, Savannah Sellers and Jo Yurcaba discussed the impact of voter ID laws on transgender people on NBC News’ free streaming service show “Morning News Now.”

Fryer said, “As Gen Z gears up to hit the polls, transgender voters are concerned they might be blocked from casting their ballots.”

Sellers said, “That is because a growing number of states are enforcing stricter voter identification laws that disproportionally impact the community.”

Fryer said, “NBC OUT reporter Jo Yurcaba joins us with this now with more on this. Jo, good morning to you. First of all, how can voter ID laws create obstacles for transgender people? And where do we see some of the strictest voter ID laws.”

Yurcaba said, “Sure, yeah, so voter ID laws disproportionally impact trans people because trans people are more likely to have IDs without the name that they go by and the gender marker that reflect how they present.”

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