Maher: I Get GOP Saying We Have ‘to Cut up the Credit Card’ after Massive COVID Spending Was Stolen

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that he understands Republicans saying that “an adult has to cut up the credit card” after overspending on the coronavirus that ended up being stolen.

Maher said that tying spending cuts to increasing the ceiling is “Republicans’ way of saying, Democrats spend too much money, of course, only when they’re not president. When a Republican is president, it’s never a problem, the debt ceiling and then spending money is never a problem.” And spending increased under the Trump administration without protest from Republicans.

He added that both Republicans and Democrats are at fault when it comes to massive spending, but Republicans are the party that “pretends to be the fiscal responsibility party, that’s the thing.”

Maher further stated, “It is the Democrats who are the spenders, I mean, they spent — I mean, Trump…it was bipartisan…COVID cost 6 trillion, 2 million more than World War II, for the forever flu.”

He added that while borrowing was needed in that period, “Not that much, and half of it was stolen. Half of it was just stolen. They just sent out checks willy-nilly. So, I understand the Republican idea that we have to say, well, these people are spending like drunken sailors and an adult has to cut up the credit card.” But there is a problem with the idea that Republicans will do “the adult part” on spending.

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