Marjorie Taylor Greene: I Was Honored to Be Able to Call Biden a ‘Liar’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) defended calling President Joe Biden a “liar” from the House chamber floor during his State of the Union address.

The Georgia Republican lawmaker said she was “honored” to have the opportunity.

“I thought it was pretty impressive that the president would enter the people’s house and try to lie to the American people about the economy, the border and even ignore the fact that he allowed the Chinese spy balloon to spy on America,” she said. “But when he continued the lie, accusing Republicans of preparing to cut Social Security and Medicare, we couldn’t take it.”

“So I, along with my colleagues, were calling him out,” Greene continued. “I think I was just the loudest one because I stood up and screamed liar, and the reason why I did that, Sean, is because they have used my age and my name is leading the effort in that when we have not had one single meeting in the GOP conference talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare. Joe Biden is a liar. I represent the American people, and I was honored to be able to call him the liar that he is in the people’s house and not allow him to get away with it.”

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