On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that he thinks President Joe Biden’s staff overprotects him and that the President should be out in public more. Brooks also said that from what he hears from inside the Biden White House, the President’s “not a doddering old grandpa either.” And Biden “can be a very tough, mean guy and a very harsh boss sometimes.”

Brooks said, “[L]onger-term…I do think Biden is still underexposed. I think his staff is still overprotective of him. And he’s much smarter in public than a lot of people think — in private. And so, I do think they need to let him get out more, because it’s just not good for the presidency for him to be that much in the shadow of Donald Trump.”

He added, “I will say, from what I hear inside the White House, he’s not a doddering old grandpa either. He’s like — can be a very tough, mean guy and a very harsh boss sometimes. So, he could say [he’s overprotected]. But he might be trusting or maybe he wants to be as quiet and frankly, as closed in, as he’s been.”

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