CNN’s Tapper: GOP Questions About Garland’s ‘Odd’ Special Counsel Pick ‘Have Merit’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Friday on “CNN News Central” that Republicans had “legitimate questions” about Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision to appoint David and Weiss as special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

Tapper said, “I think there are some legitimate questions about this whole situation. First of all, I do think it’s fair to question why would U.S. Attorney Weiss be appointed to special counsel. Usually, a special counsel comes– is an outside attorney. Now, it has happened before, Durham came from inside, and the attorney general has the right to do that, but it is odd.”

He continued, “This plea deal was picked apart by the judge. So, one could ask, why would you stick with the U.S. attorney if he, you know, this was a failure, a colossal failure? The two sides had not even agreed upon what was in that plea deal. And then I think there are questions about whether or not it was harsh enough, this plea deal.”

Tapper concluded, “This move makes it seem as though, well, maybe the whistleblowers were right. Maybe what they were alleging is true, and he couldn’t charge whatever he wanted to charge, and now he does. So I do have a lot of questions about that, and I do think some of the political questions being raised by Republicans have merit.”

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