Gaetz: If McCarthy ‘Embraces’ Biden’s Spending Levels, It Will Likely ‘Trigger a Motion to Vacate’

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said Friday on CNN’s “Primetime” that if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) attempted to pass a continuing resolution at the current spending levels, it would “most likely trigger” a motion to vacate.

Anchor Abby Phillip asked, “If Speaker McCarthy puts a continuing resolution on the floor to keep the government open for 30 days, is that enough to get him out of his job?”

Gaetz said, “I agree with many who say, if Speaker McCarthy embraces a clean continuing resolution to continue the spending policies of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, that would most likely trigger a motion to vacate. Remember, I gave a speech last week detailing multiple areas where Kevin McCarthy has breached his agreement with House conservatives. there was a big thrust of that that was the spending commitments and also a vote on term limits, a vote on a balanced budget amendment, release of the January 6th tapes.”

He continued, “These are things Kevin McCarthy promised, he hasn’t done those things. We’re here to hold him to account.”

Gaetz added, “Getting rid of McCarthy if he has failed us for eight months, if delayed the appropriations process as even his allies conceded earlier this evening in the rules committee, getting rid of him is sort of an end unto itself. It shows we’ve got the ability to pivot, make a better choice, and go forward and actually deliver.”

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