Miles Taylor: Like Pre-Hitler Germany, U.S. ‘Zombie-Walking’ Towards Trump Tyranny

Former Trump administration DHS official Miles Taylor said Thursday on “Deadline” that like Germany before Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler took charge, America was “zombie-walking towards” tyranny.

Referencing his 2018, op-ed in The New York Times under the pen-name “Anonymous” that was entitled, “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration”, Taylor said, “I have looked at when I spoke out and thought it could have been sooner.”

Discussing former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) calling Trump authoritarian narcissist, Taylor said, “It’s good to see Paul Ryan doing it now. What I will tell you having worked with him in 2015 and 2016 during Donald Trump’s rise, this is how Paul Ryan viewed Donald Trump back then. You know nothing changed, and that should tell you a lot of things. First, about the complicity and silence within my former party, but also about what we are going into.”

He continued, “This is a foreseeable civic catastrophe. I want to make one thing clear, the United States is not Germany in the 1920s but America in 2020s does bear a striking number of resemblances including that there were contemporaries around the 20th century’s most infamous dictator Adolf Hitler that are striking, you know, people around that time period warned it was going to be dark, that he wanted to implement tyranny, this whole range of foreseeable policy. What was important was Hitler’s world made obvious what he wanted to do. We’re experiencing that with Donald Trump. Contemporaries are calling him out, his own words dictate what he’ll do and yet incredibly, as I always say we are still zombie-walking towards that potential catastrophe.”

Taylor added, “I hope more Paul Ryans will come forward and that could help us advert what could be the end of the republic.”

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