Carville: Biden Has a ‘Huge Issue to Overcome in Terms of His Age’

Political commentator James Carville said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that President Joe Biden had a “huge issue to overcome in terms of his age.”

Carville said, “The problem of course with Biden and we all know what it is is he’s got a huge issue to overcome in terms of his age.”

Anchor Joe Scarborough said, “How do you address the age issue? And I’m just curious, do you agree with people close to Biden, people who’ve been friends with Biden for a long time, that maybe he’s been protected a little too much? Let the guy get out there!”

Carville said, “Well, I mean, their decisions, how much he gets out there, have to be made by him and has to be made by people that interact with him every day and understand what the benefits and the risks are. But it’s hard for me to sit here a thousand miles away and say, ‘Well, you should do this with him’ when they are much more attuned to what he’s capable of doing or not capable of doing.”

He continued, “I thought it was telling when he didn’t do the Super Bowl interview. But, you know, to their credit, they came back and they put him on Seth Meyers, which I think helped a little bit. But I don’t, this is a big obstacle that they’re faced with and they have to deal with it. But the good news for the Biden campaign is Trump is very weak. You saw the exposure he has in the Republican primaries. You’re going to see more exposure with this March 25 trial coming up in New York, a much underplayed event. And he’s not the most coherent person that ever lived either.”

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