Dem Rep. Moskowitz: ‘Biden Has Been an Absolute Champion of Jewish People’

Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) said Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “American Reports” that President Joe Biden has been “has been an absolute champion of Jewish people.”

Host Sandra Smith asked, “Congressman, as far as the politics involved, that may or may not be involved — now, I’ve sent out a tweet to that effect — if all of this is indeed the case, what do you believe is the political impact on the president’s reelection campaign as this war continues?”

Moskowitz said, “Well, look, Joe Biden has been an absolute champion of Jewish people, not just as president, not just as vice president, but in the Senate. He’s fought anti-Semitism his whole life. You’re talking about someone who established the first ambassador on anti-Semitism. You’re talking about someone who established the anti-Semitism coalition to get a definition, by the way also, I’ll give, you know, credit to President Trump establishing the Abraham Accords. That was a big deal for the state of Israel.”

He continued, “But this administration has done a good job supporting Israel and supporting the Jewish people. I think the president is doing what he thinks is right. And I think he has to let the politics fall wherever they may. I don’t like, obviously, President Trump going out and telling the Jewish community that if you vote Democrat, somehow you’re a bad Jew.”

Moskowitz added, “You know, we appreciate it, Mr. President, but maybe don’t have dinner with Nick Fuentes. You know, so like everyone right now, obviously everyone right now obviously is trying to posture because we live in that political season. Obviously there’s things I differ with the Biden administration on how they’ve met and some of the decisions they’ve made on Israel. But I think the last six months, the Biden administration has stood by Israel and stood by the Jewish Committee and appreciative of what President Biden did, obviously, with his speech on anti-Semitism, on the anniversary of the Holocaust.”

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