Fauci: Fox News, MTG ‘Unusual Performance’ to Blame for Driving Up Death Threats

Monday on CNN’s “The Source,” former Biden medical adviser Anthony Fauci cited Fox News and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) questioning during a congressional subcommittee hearing earlier in the day as the “kind of things” driving up death threats aimed at him.

“You testified there at the end about the threats that you and your family are still getting even to this day,” CNN host Kaitlan Collins said. “And for those who don’t know, that was your wife, Christine, who is esteemed in her own right, sitting behind you there. And I just wonder if you ever thought that you would still be getting threats like that, credible threats against your life, even now, two years out of government service?”

“You know, it’s very interesting,” Fauci replied. “It’s a patent — pattern, Kaitlan, that whenever somebody gets up, whether it’s a news media — Fox News does it a lot — or it’s somebody in the Congress who gets up and makes a public statement that I’m responsible for the deaths of X-number of people because of policies or some crazy idea that I created the virus, immediately, you could — it’s looking clockwork — the death threats go way up. So that’s the reason why I’m still getting death threats when you have performances like that unusual performance by Marjorie Taylor Greene in today’s hearing. Those are the kind of things that drive up the death threats because there are a segment of the population out there that believe that kind of nonsense.

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