Carville: Biden Should Not Have Run for Re-Election

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

During Sunday’s broadcast of New York City radio WABC’s “The Cat’s Roundtable,” long-time Democrat political strategist James Carville admitted remorse for President Joe Biden’s decision to run for re-election in 2024.

Carville told WABC host John Catsimatidis there was a deep bench if Biden should be forced out but acknowledged he thought the incumbent president should have considered sitting this one out.

“And tell me, we both talked over breakfast that, if anything — if President Biden decides not to run or is ill and can’t run, where does the Democratic Party go?” Catsimatidis asked.

“Well, one of the underappreciated things about the current state of the Democratic Party is there is enormous — I mean, almost could say, I mean, there’s no Bill Clinton, you never can say that about someone, but with that type of skill, there is any number of current people,” Carville replied. “I don’t start naming names, I’m going to lease somebody off, and I hate to do that. But the governors of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, the governor of Kentucky is one of the most talented people I’ve ever seen. There’s Senator Warnock from Georgia.”

“[Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear] is really a talented guy,” he added. “He’s a good friend of mine. He’s in a state where Democrats’ [were down from 20 points], and he won by five or six points. But there are other — there’s so much talent, and a lot of it is young and vigorous and energetic. I think Hakeem Jeffriesis doing a great job, by the way, as leader, you know, much more than before. But I don’t, I thought that Biden, President Biden, should have considered not running for the election, but that’s not the choice that he made. And so I got to live in the world, I got to live in it, not the world I wanted to live in.”

(h/t NY Post)

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