David Urban: Melania Could Pick Trump’s Running Mate — ‘She Has a Great Deal of Influence’

Former adviser to Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign David Urban said Friday on CNN’s “OutFront” that former first lady Melania Trump could pick her husband’s running mate.

Host Erin Burnett said, “So, top three contenders, Vance Burgum, Rubio. You’ve got Don. Jr., Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon for Vance. Sean Hannity for Rubio. Murdoch for Burgum. So, in your experience with Trump, who will eventually have the most sway over his pick?”

Urban said, “Melania Trump his wife right? I’d like to know who Melania likes, right? That’s really, you know, probably his closest adviser of all the people who weren’t mentioned, right? I think she has a great deal of influence over her husband and the president. She has been in these people’s presence, all three of them, if not more. So, it’d be interesting to see who she likes.”

He continued, “There’s different people, whether they’re policemen at a photo op or billionaires at a fundraiser dinner that he’s listening to them and hearing what they have to say and the ultimate decider is, of course, Donald Trump and he’ll do it probably, the reporting says right before the convention.”

Urban added, “We have but an embarrassment of riches on the Republican side, their potential VP nominees. And so I think any one of them be good. It’s the American voters who could they see standing in the shoes as the president of the United States. I think that’s the most important thing because that’s the role ultimately the vice president would play.”

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