VIDEO: Suspect Punches Deputy, Grabs Gun, and Fires at Her Repeatedly

A San Bernardino, California, sheriff’s deputy narrowly escaped life-threatening injuries after an out-of-control man allegedly punched her, took her gun, and fired at her multiple times, according to a video.

The deputy responded to a call from a distressed mother in Victorville around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, pleading for the police to get her son out of her home.

Deputy Meagan Forsberg arrived on scene and attempted to arrest the man when he escaped her clutches, and a fight broke out. Two shots could be heard during the scuffle before she could be seen getting off the ground and fleeing from the suspect, according to the video.

Moments later, three police cars with their sirens arrived on the scene and began to open fire on the suspect, who seemed to surrender to authorities.

“That’s when a whole army of police came around the corner,” a man who witnessed the episode told KABC, “Came into this cul-de-sac right here and opened fire on the suspect.”

One police officer opened fire on the suspect, who was identified as Ari Young, 21. He was taken to a hospital on a stretcher, and his condition is not currently known.

Officials did not specify how many times Young was shot, but said his injuries were not life-threatening, KTLA reported.

Forsberg also went to the hospital following the altercation but did not sustain any serious injuries or bullet wounds.


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