VIDEO: Woman Throws Shoe Boxes at Worker After Being Told to Wear Mask

An Oklahoma woman threw shoe boxes at a shoe store employee after the worker told her to wear a mask before entering the store.

The video obtained from KFOR showed the outburst at a Sketchers store in Oklahoma City, where the enraged woman chucked two shoe boxes at the worker before leaving the store out of frustration.

The unidentified woman, however, left her wallet behind. Sketchers employees say that they have turned the wallet over to the police and pressed charges against the woman.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises Americans to wear masks that cover the mouth and nose completely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This Oklahoma woman is not the first to disregard the advice of the CDC regarding facial coverings. A Florida man refused to wear a mask before entering a Walmart and fought his way into the store after an employee denied him entry for not wearing a mask.

One Kentucky woman also skirted the mask rules when she was caught on camera wearing a mask with a hole cut in it because she claimed it made it “easier to breathe.”


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