VIDEO: Handyman Accused of Fatally Shooting Woman at Construction Site Is Run Over by Boyfriend

A handyman accused of fatally shooting a woman who worked in construction was later run over by her boyfriend in an alleged act of revenge at a New York City construction site Wednesday, according to a video.

The video obtained by WABC showed Lizbeth Mass, 52, being gunned down on a Bronx sidewalk allegedly by her jealous lover, Jose Everaldo Reyes, during her lunch break at a construction site in City Island.

Mass was allegedly shot six times by Reyes, 66, in broad daylight, CBS New York reported. As Mass’s body lay lifeless on the sidewalk, Reyes walked back toward his bicycle and placed his gun into his waistband.

Seconds later, Mass’s boyfriend takes his Hyundai Sonata and rams his car into the alleged murderer, sending him and his bicycle flying.

Reyes struggles to get to his feet, holding onto a “Detour” sign for balance. But within seconds, the car hits him again — without a driver this time — in reverse.

The video then showed the incensed boyfriend push Reyes into the hood of his vehicle and punched him repeatedly.

The beating continued for 30 seconds until officials and bystanders flocked to the scene.

Reyes, who remains in the hospital as of Friday night, faces charges of second-degree murder, criminal use of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon, and manslaughter, the New York Post reported.

The boyfriend was not charged for allegedly attacking Reyes.


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