WATCH: Sketch Mocks Expensive Higher Education Programs, Praises Trade School

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A humorous sketch video from We the Internet TV mocks expensive graduate programs in women’s studies and journalism and praises trade school.

A sketch comedy video from We the Internet TV depicts two friends fighting over what they should do for dinner. One friend, a mechanic, offers to buy a pizza for dinner. The other friend, a lawyer, turns the conversation into a discussion about his insecurities and his student loan debt.

“‘Oh look at me, I’m Tom. I learned a skilled trade that’s in demand, and I don’t have a massive pile of student loan debt.’ F*ck you, you’re not better than me,” the lawyer yells, mocking his friend.

“You just waltz in here with your steel-toed boots and your oil-stained coveralls, smelling like gasoline success. Yeah, yeah, I’ve got an Ivy League doctorate. I’m still a human being!” the lawyer friend yells.

The mechanic tells his friend that he became a mechanic because his dad had a doctorate in philosophy from Columbia University. His mother doubled majored in women’s studies and pre-renaissance literature. His sister took out a massive loan to get a master’s degree in journalism. He hilariously explains that he became a mechanic to break the cycle.

You can watch the full video above.


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