Entrepreneurial Nurse Sells Her Study Notes Online, Makes $2 Million in Profit: ‘I Have Been So Fortunate’

A nurse’s accidental success that turned into online empire is helping the next generation of healthcare workers.

On Monday, ER nurse Stephanee Beggs told Varney & Co. how she unknowingly turned a simple task into a great opportunity while preparing for an exam, Fox Business reported Sunday.

She began selling her notes once she graduated from nursing school, and the idea came while studying alone for the boards exam during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I would teach myself to the wall and I would record it. And then I posted that onto social media and people loved it,” Beggs recalled, adding viewers then wanted to purchase her study notes, so she created an online store.

“So now I sell study sheets. I passed the boards a long time ago, and now I sell them for students who are approaching the board’s exam and taking tests in nursing school,” the young woman noted.

In a YouTube video, Beggs tells followers they no longer have to watch 30 minute videos to gain the knowledge they need.

“That’s part of the reason why I am adamant on short, concise, breakdowns that get straight to the point,” she said:

In a recent Instagram post, Beggs shared an “EKG Rhythms Cheat Sheet” that covers atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, and premature ventricular contractions.

“Omg! The timing for cardiac content could not be more perfect since I have to do AACN ECG Cert and ACLS/PALS in the next month!!! Thank youuuuuuu,” one follower commented.

Her note-selling business on the Etsy website began in 2020 and smashed through $2 million in profits during 2022.

“If you buy a study sheet, just one single study sheet on one [medical] condition, it’s $2 a sheet. I do sell them in bundles of specific classes,” Beggs explained, adding she also has giant bundles of notes for all of nursing school.

The business has since turned into a full-time job, but Beggs continues working as a nurse and also has a gig as a university instructor.


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