When In Doubt, Blame Bush

President Obama’s first 30 some-odd days have not been something to write home about. Of course, he did inherit a financial crisis, but he’s clearly made it worse with his Jimmy Carteresque doom-and-gloom talk.

His poorly-vetted cabinet picks have been a mess and his foreign policy is so muddled that no one knows who the power is behind the throne — in the Middle East, is it George Mitchell? John Kerry? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama?

A whirlwind of “czars” and and “summits” — does this administration resemble the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, or what? When in doubt, what does the clearly in-over-his-head Obama, along with his media acolytes do? Change the subject to “George W. Bush” of course.

Just today, Vermont Senator, Pat Leahy took his Bush “Truth Commission” to the floor of the Senate. Said the senior senator: “How can we restore our moral leadership and ensure transparent government if we ignore what has happened?”

If Leahy is concerned about “transparency” and “moral leadership,” perhaps he should start by investigating the Democrat House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Charles Rangel and his serial non-payment of taxes, or Democrat William Jefferson’s $90,000 in cold (sorry) cash hidden in his freezer, or Democrat Senator Roland Burris’s admission that he was playing Let’s Make A Deal with ousted Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Leahy could not have been too concerned with “transparency” or “moral leadership” when he voted to confirm the admitted tax cheat Tim Geithner to be the Secretary of the Treasury.

Last week, Keith Olbermann ripped George Bush for saying that the Republican Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, was a “D-Lite” (meaning “Democrat”-lite) for supporting President Obama’s “stimulus” package. What Olbermann didn’t tell his audience is that it was George P. Bush (son of former Governor Jeb Bush) – not George W. Bush – who made those remarks.

Disingenuous to the core, Olbermann didn’t care as long as he could deflect attention away from the thus-far scarily-inept presidency of the man he and MSNBC were full partners in electing.

In his opening remarks at the economic summit on Monday, President Obama classlessly got in on the act when he accused President Bush of “casual dishonesty.” (This was before the head of his National Economic Council, Larry Summers, casually fell asleep).

Beware when leftists fail. That is when their truest emotion — anger — comes to the fore. It’s why we will likely see a Truth Commission, a Fairness Doctrine, higher taxes on the hated rich, caps on executive bonuses, any and all of it to give themselves meaning after it becomes abundantly clear that their savior is just a 47-year old man without much experience.