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Ashton Kutcher Defends Sarah Palin Against MSM's 'Repulsive' Email Crusade


***UPDATE: The indispensable Conservatives For Palin is looking for help with their own project involving the 24,000 emails. Please visit and sign up. In other words, get engaged, fight a corrupt media currently cherry-picking nonsense from this information and ignoring what goes against their anti-Palin narrative. I spent 15 years frustrated by my inability to do anything about the corrupt media. Now that we can do something, we must.

Some things are so wrong that even some who would never vote for Governor Palin can’t stand quietly by as they occur. Nothing led the MSM to these emails. There was no hint of scandal, no tip about corruption. This was an unprecedented fishing expedition launched by the same liars who just last month were writing about Palin’s irrelevancy. Their sinister goal had nothing to do with news, the goal was only to find something to embarrass the Governor, create the scent of scandal and, of course, conclude their craven mission to destroy her by any disgusting means necessary.


Up till now, what we’ve learned from these 24,000 emails is only what we already knew: Palin was an effective and engaged Chief Executive of her State and that there are black holes that don’t suck as hard as the MSM.

We also know that Palin didn’t squander a trillion dollars to create zero jobs; didn’t spend twenty years in a racist church led by a divisive demagogue eager to see God damn America; never referred to Americans as bitter clingers; did not launch her career in the living room of a domestic terrorist; has never apologized for America; did not stand idly by as the price of a gallon of gasoline nearly tripled on her watch; never sold out Israel, bankrupted her country, bowled like a Community Organizer, or voted present.

The corrupt MSM will do everything they can to ensure 2012 is not a referendum on the failed president they call Their Precious One — and this email frenzy was just another part of that plan. But if the last couple of weeks have taught us anything….

…it’s that New Media might just be ready to enter Thunderdome 2012.


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