New Hollywood Production Code: Leftist Reeducation of Tracy Morgan Marches On


By now I’m sure we’re all familiar with the story – Tracy Morgan did some crude jokes about homosexuals during a standup routine in Nashville, TN, and as a result he’s facing a backlash that probably made him think his career was imploding. The dreaded speech police of the left, those people who are highly tolerant of everything except what they won’t tolerate, have risen up en masse because Morgan dared speak his mind.

Consider the irony: hard left celebrities – some of whom are openly homosexual – who have staked their claim on being able to speak their minds and otherwise express themselves, are now actually coming after Morgan because he did just that.

Of course that’s not surprising. After all, they are liberals. (Thus they have one standard for themselves, and another standard to which they hold others.)

But what is surprising is that Morgan cowered down to them, apologized, and had a conference call with GLAAD wherein he basically recanted his whole Nashville standup routine. He even promised to take part in GLAAD’s upcoming “Amplify Your Voice” campaign “to combat anti-LGBT bullying.”

I don’t know who called who, but if GLAAD initiated the call then Morgan definitely played it all wrong. What it he should have done was answer the phone, and talked just long enough to say: “My speech is as free as your speech or anyone else’s. People who don’t like the things I say in a comedy club don’t have to attend, and if they do attend, and get offended, they are free to walk out.” And then he should have simply hung up on them, thereby letting them know how powerless they were over him. (I say “powerless” because enforcers of political correctness, particularly self-appointed enforcers like those who have come after Morgan, only have as much power over us as we give them when they seek to shame us into submission.)

Sadly, however, Morgan has so succumbed to their pressure that he actually told GLAAD he’s going to go back to Nashville and tell everyone he’s sorry for the things he said.

For the record, much of what Morgan said was offensive to me: as is much of what Lady Ga Ga, Alec Baldwin, and members of Code Pink say when given an audience. (GLAAD is quite offensive to me as well.) However, free speech does not mean “free until it’s offensive,” it means “free” in the truest sense of the word. Thus, my response to Morgan, Ga Ga, Baldwin, etc., is not to seek to suppress their speech, but to avoid hearing it.


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