Tom Hanks' Fuzzy Math: Obama Has Saved 'About a Billion Jobs'


In a June 22nd CNN interview, actor and director Tom Hanks proudly announced he will be voting for Barack Obama in 2012. That’s fine, because that’s his prerogative as a voter. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go ahead and announce right now that I won’t be voting for Obama in 2012: that I wouldn’t vote for him if someone took my dog hostage and threatened to make me listen Al Gore speeches from here to eternity unless I supported Obama.

But the important part of Hanks’ interview wasn’t the announcement about voting for Obama, it was the way in which he actually presented Obama as an accomplished president: as a president who really had brought hope and change instead of harm and economic disarray.

For example, Hanks said Obama had saved “about a billion jobs” at GM and Chrysler via the passage of the stimulus package. (I’m just going to go ahead and say Hanks is too intelligent to truly believe this. He was either talking tongue-in-cheek or he is a full blown victim of Obama-mania: a feverish disease which I thought had ceased to exist once the economy tanked a year into Obama’s presidency.)

Contrary to Hanks’ claims, Obama hasn’t added jobs to our economy. Rather, he has destroyed them. Thus, Obama’s promise in early 2009 that unemployment would never rise above 8% if the stimulus package was passed turned into unemployment as high at 10% (even with the stimulus package), and which now sits at 9.1% (thanks to Obama).

As a matter of fact, the damage Obama has done to our economy is so great that no less a liberal outlet than CBS News took time in October 2010 to point out: “The National Debt has increased by more than $3 trillion since President Obama took office.” (For those of us who’ve never thought about it, $3 trillion written out looks like this: $3,000,000,000,000.)

Need more proof of the damage Obama has done?

Consider this: while the nationwide unemployment average stands at 9.1%, the average for black Americans stands at 16.2%. It’s as if Obama has waged war on the black community.

Whatever happened to all that talk about spreading the wealth around?

It appears Obama has only been spreading poverty.

While there’s no doubt ideologues and die-hard liberals will still pull the lever for Obama in 2012, outside of those political extremists the numbers supporting Obama should be greatly diminished compared to 2010. For odds are, they will be worse off in 2012 than they were four years ago (and there’s a good chance they’re worse off right now).

Mr. Hanks is a good actor, dare I say a great actor, but the reasons he gives for supporting Obama simply cannot be stomached. To label Obama a job creator is to assign him a moniker as fake as Joe Biden’s hair plugs.

Hollywood can hold to the lie all they want, but out here where east meets west, where working men and women earn their dollars by the sweat of their brow, we’re not buying it.


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