Trailer Talk: 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol'



Three was the best of the series and Jeremy Renner is certainly a welcome addition to any film, but CGI stunts that defy gravity and reality are starting to get pretty old. I count at least four times someone should die in this two-minute trailer. Heaven only knows what the final film will look like. After a while that kind of artificial invincibility begins to numb the senses until you get the feeling you’re watching someone else play a video game.

It would be nice if the franchise were to go back to the roots of the long-running television show where brains, cunning teamwork, and some terrific role-playing combined to create a sense of real suspense and excitement — as opposed to phony excitement enhanced by obvious CGI.

One reason, however, to scratch everything written above is that the director of this installment is the great Brad Bird, the unqualified genius behind “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille,” two of the best films of the last decade. Bird is a brilliant storyteller and director. I expect great things and will ultimately not judge “Ghost Protocol” by its trailer. The story look interesting, as well. High concept with massive stakes involving both the fate of the individual characters and, naturally, the fate of the world.

You gotta dig that theme song, though. Makes up for a lot.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” hits the big screen December 16th.


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