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Rotten Tomatoes Lists Palin Film as 'Science Fiction & Fantasy'


I’ve been reading and sending link-love to Rotten Tomatoes for years now and have never seen them as partisan or even political before. They were just a terrific concept of a site that’s very well executed. Well, not anymore. Looks as though they’re just another member of the club. More childish nonsense from the Left.

From the indispensable Kerry Picket at the Washington Times:

[“The Undefeated”] is listed on the popular Rotten Tomatoes movie review website as not only a documentary but also a science fiction and fantasy film.

Hopefully, Rotten Tomatoes will claim this was all just some sort of mistake. Nothing would be more fun than to write a follow-up investigating that theory with the full list of categories the Palin doc could’ve “accidentally” been placed under. But, you know, it just happened to be “science fiction & fantasy.”

Oh the sarcasm we’ll share.

Their best play is probably to blame it on a low-level staffer from a shady temporary agency who keeps to himself and tortures small animals.


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