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Empty Theatre!!!: MSM Currently Brewing Up Phony 'Undefeated' Narrative


With the roaring success “The Undefeated” has already had at changing the conversation about Sarah Palin from tanning beds and crosshair maps to, you know, her actual record as a public servant, the Left and their dishonest allies in the MSM are obviously as worried as they are desperate. As a result, this morning at “The Atlantic” we’re greeted with a 950+ word article filled with precious NPR-esque prose and the delicate pose of a journalist just reporting the difficult truth, all under the following headline:

Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange County

We’re then told:

It isn’t strictly accurate to say that I sat through the whole movie alone. Just as the previews started, two young women walked in giggling together and took seats three rows behind me. Afraid that they’d ruined the only story I had at that point — What If Sarah Palin Starred in a Movie and No One Showed Up? — I hoped they’d at least oblige me with an interview, and so they did.

From there, the corrupt MSM has been gleefully off and running and amplifying the glorious news:

The hard-left film site Movie Line:

Empty Theaters, 0% Positive Reviews Greet Sarah Palin Documentary

New York Magazine:

For the debut of the Sarah Palin documentary, Atlantic scribe Conor Frieserdorf was alone in an Orange County, California, theater, one of just ten nationwide showing The Undefeated.

Frum Forum:

Palin Movie Opens to No Crowds


Palin movie debuts to an audience of empty seats

And naturally, Politico’s Ben Smith of the Tanning Bed Smiths:

The Unwatched

One writer. One article. One screening. Apparently, what we used to consider anecdotal now equals news. And as a result you have a genuine media narrative being brewed with headlines intentionally written to create the perception that the “The Undefeated” is DOA — in the Republican stronghold of Orange Country, no less.

Translation: It’s over, Palinistas! Please form a single-file line to the right where all your hopes and dreams will be stripped and burned.


If you read the fine print…

“The Atlantic” writer is reporting on his experience at a midnight screening … on a Thursday night.



Read the story again and you’ll see that the emptiness of a midnight screening on a work night is not only worthy of 950+ words and a wildly misleading headline, but also all these subsequent MSM stories filled with similar headlines.

And you can bet there will be more stories to come.

This is how the corrupt MSM works.

This is how they create phony narratives out of nothingness in order to attack and undermine their ideological enemies.

Where’s the story about this?

Or this?

Unfortunately, stories of a theatre selling out in a very small town don’t fit the MSM narrative. The left-wing media wants the film to flop and will grasp at any straw available — even a midnight screening on a work night — to create the perception that it already has.

I have no idea how well the “The Undefeated” will do at the box office. It’s way too early to write those stories. Hell, I’m not even a “journalist” and I know that.


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