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New 'Captain America' Poster Is All About Marketing the Flag-Waving


But-but-but director Joe Johnston assured his liberal Hollywood pals us “Captain America” (opens next Friday) would not be (no joke) “about America” or a “sort of jingoistic American flag-waver”.

So what’s this new American-ey poster all about? False advertising?

I will now turn off the sarcasm and ask The Big Question.

For years Hollywood’s been telling us patriotism and pro-America doesn’t sell and yet here we have a major studio (Paramount) and brand (Marvel) going full “jingosim” with their major tentpole of the summer.


I guess furthering The Big Lie was no longer worth losing The Big Money. Unabashed, sincere patriotism most certainly helped “Iron Man” become a sleeper hit and an iconic classic. With DVD sales plumetting, it looks as though Hollywood — at least in some cases — can no longer afford to put propaganda above profit.

Pro-America sells. Period. We’ve documented this again and again and again and again. Anti-Americanism does not sell. A 100% flop-rate with over a dozen anti-war films proves that beyond a doubt.

And so it’s awfully nice to see that with just a few days to go before their film opens, Paramount and Marvel have decided the smart bet was to lay their chips on the red, white, and blue.

Thanks to some good ol-fashioned patriotic advertising and a couple of very cool trailers, the bad taste of Johnston’s obscene comments is finally washed away and I’m looking forward to a Friday matinee for the first time in a long time.


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