BigDawg Spotlight: Hot New Patriotic Rock Band 'Madison Rising' Salutes 'Soldiers of America'

“They come from the bright light cities…They come from a one horse town…But if they’re coming for you boy…Ya better know they ain’t messin’ around” ~ Madison Rising

As we gather with loved ones this Labor Day weekend to officially bid farewell to another all-too short summer, we should take a moment to remember those who are serving overseas and unable to be with us to enjoy those BBQs, cold beers, pool parties, and such. Here to remind us of their sacrifices, with a brand-spankin’ new rock tribute entitled Soldiers of America, is the very hot new conservative rock band, Madison Rising.

[youtube MU-P7EQ4IMQ Madison Rising – “Soldiers of America”]


“Madison Rising, named in honor of James Madison, the fourth President of the United States and author of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers, is a new rock band best described as a conservative version of Rage Against The Machine” according to President and CEO of Purple Eagle Entertainment (and fellow BigDawg’er), Richard Mgrdechian, who formed the band. He further states:

The band provides guitar-centric, pro-American rock music to a market completely devoid of anything similar. The band expects to become the face of patriotic rock and roll. Madison Rising is expected to perform at major campaign events, military bases, NASCAR events and other pro-American venues, establishing itself as a major political voice in this country during the 2012 election cycle and beyond. The band’s first single, Soldiers of America, was released on September 1st, 2011 and the album itself will be available on September 30th.

BigDawg Music Mafia is honored to introduce the very talented members of Madison Rising:

Dave Bray – Lead Vocals

Lead Vocals – Dave Bray: Dave was born in Yorkshire England to American parents working for the National Security Agency. His family relocated to Jefferson, Pennsylvania at age 5. The definitive musical moment came for him in high school after performing “Alive” by Pearl Jam at a talent show in front of an awe-struck audience. Dave has been performing ever since. Dave enlisted in the Navy immediately after high school and while at Camp Johnson in North Carolina, won the coveted Top Dog Award for outstanding physical fitness. After serving as a Navy medic in a sniper team in the 2nd battalion 2nd Marines, Dave was stationed on the USS Guam. Dave was honorably discharged in 2007 and returned to PA where he built tanks for BAE Systems, Inc. a major international supplier of defense related systems.

Why he joined: “I plan to take the same approach to the success of Madison Rising as I have in the past with the military. It feels great doing something you love for a purpose that matters. When people start hearing our music, I believe they will have a whole new outlook on what it means to be a patriot and on the conservative message in general.”

Christopher Schreiner – Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Lead and Rhythm Guitar – Christopher Schreiner: In 2008, Chris was a top ten finalist in Guitar Player Magazine’s Superstar Competition, as well as a finalist at the 2009 Urban Music Awards America’s Next Urban Superstar Competition. Renowned for his nuanced arrangements and music acumen, Chris was invited by ESC Records, along with music legends Steve Vai, Dennis Chambers and Billy Cobham, to contribute a track for one of their major releases of 2010. Chris graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2005 with a BA in Guitar Performance. In 2008 Schreiner released his debut album Only Human. The recording won multiple awards including Best Instrumental Single at the Malibu Music Awards and Best Instrumental Album at the Muse’s Muse Editors Choice Awards.

Why he joined: “I have been involved in many creative projects. This however is particularly exciting because the message drives and informs the creative process, unlike most musical endeavors which lack any meaning beyond pure artistic expression.”

Alex Bodnar – Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Lead and Rhythm Guitar – Alex Bodnar: Alex has been a guitarist for a variety of elite musical acts since the age of fourteen when he had already mastered some of the most complex music around including Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and others. At 21, Alex toured Japan as lead guitarist for Utada Hikaru (Japan’s all-time number one selling female artist). In 2006 Alex became musical director and guitar player for a promo tour with RBD, a Grammy nominated music group. In 2008, he joined forces with Creed frontman Scott Stapp for his second solo effort. As part of the Scott Stapp Band, Alex wrote numerous songs, played lead guitar and toured the world performing for tens of thousands of American military personnel during their Armed Forces Entertainment tour in locations including Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Bahrain.

Why he joined: “It’s easy to waste our talents on meaningless creativity, but to use ones talents to help society and influence positive change in the world is something we are optimistic enough to try, and hope to accomplish through our music.”

Sam Fishman – Drums

Drums – Sam Fishman: As a child Sam could not resist hitting pots and pans, so it is natural that since age 10, Sam has dedicated himself to the art of percussion. Now 24, Sam is a master drum technician with a rock style similar to that of legendary drummers Keith Moon of The Who and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Sam attended George Washington University on a Presidential Arts Scholarship. While in Washington, D.C. he incorporated elements of hip-hop, funk, and progressive rock into his playing. After leaving GWU, Sam enrolled in the University of Rochester to continue his musical studies, performing key roles in ensembles at the Eastman School of Music.

Why he joined: “There is no better way to reach the American people then to play great rock and roll music that stands for something. We are in need of a voice that stands for hard work, perseverance, and a call to take back our liberty.”

Ryan Kienle – Bass

Bass – Ryan Kienle: Ryan began playing the bass in 8th grade. A few years and several bands later, Ryan was the founding bassist of Matchbook Romance, which released four albums, selling over 350,000 records in the U.S. alone. In support of these releases, Kienle spent three consecutive summers performing on the Vans Warped Tour. Ryan has performed live on MTV, MTV2, MTVU, Fuse and NBC, as well as, having songs featured in the best selling video games Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and Madden 2007. He is endorsed by G&L Guitars, Electro Harmonix pedals, Aguilar amps and Keely Electronics.

Why he joined: “America often seems to be the decline while other nations reap the benefits of our indifference. When an audition for a Pro-American band came along, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Playing music is my first love, so playing the bass for a better tomorrow was a natural fit for me.”

The man behind the creation of this phenomenal new band, Richard Mgrdechian, who I met at CPAC earlier this year, learned about our site when a friend brought him by our booth and introduced us. I told him what we were all about, gave him my card, and he joined shortly after. He told me he was forming a conservative rock band and was in search of a lead vocalist to complete the band. He explains how Madison Rising came to be:

It took almost a year to get everyone and everything together to make this all happen. The first person who joined the team was Chris Schreiner, a phenomenal guitarist and musical composer. He and I began collaborating on a couple of songs as we searched for other members (through word of mouth, CraigsList, Facebook ads, MySpace, etc). Along the way we met Alex Bodnar, a true musical prodigy who had produced albums, written music for known acts, toured with Creed and so forth. Once he was aboard, things really took off. We held multiple auditions for the next 3-4 months for singers, drummers and bassists. Sam Fishman (our drummer) was the first to sign up. The guy is a rock legend waiting to happen. Then came the highly experienced Ryan Kinle (our bassist) who had founded his previous band (Matchbook Romance) and toured with them for almost a decade. The last piece of the puzzle came to us courtesy of the US Navy, when Dave Bray walked into an audition – a born rockstar, gifted performer, military man, and true conservative. Once he was in the picture, the puzzle was complete.

My goal is to have the band perform at dozens of major campaign and GOP events to make sure these events are fun, entertaining, and enormously attractive to potential attendees. Liberals have successfully used this strategy for decades to dramatically increase turnout at their events and make their ideology “cool.” Madison Rising will allow conservatives to do the same thing, to significantly increase attendance at political events and to successfully infuse ideologically suppressed ideas (like what true liberty really is, or having some gratitude for all the things we have in this country) back into popular culture. This approach should be especially successful with respect to younger (18-35) voters, a key demographic where conservatives desperately need to focus.

Madison Rising will be available for live events as of September 2011. The band has established relationships with media outlets including newspapers, radio shows and television networks that have agreed to help promote the material.

You can learn more about Madison Rising on their official website. Do take a moment to subscribe to their brand new YouTube channel and Like their new FaceBook page and please help spread the word. Their debut single Soldiers of America is now available on iTunes.

As I mentioned in an article just published in the August edition of Smart Girl Nation, entitled “The Sound of Freedom”“Pardon our noise; it’s the sound of freedom”. Thanks to talented conservative artists like Madison Rising, we are (to borrow a line from our friend and fellow culture warrior, Jeannie Hinck) “rocking the sound of freedom like a BigDawg”!

Andrew (BigDawg) and I wish you and yours a safe and blessed Labor Day weekend and may the Good Lord continue to watch over our brothers and sisters in harm’s way.


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