Please Welcome Christian Toto to 'Big Hollywood'!


Both personally and professionally, I couldn’t be happier to announce that Christian Toto has joined Big Hollywood on a full-time basis as the site’s assistant editor.

I’ve known Christian for a number of years now and as one of about three film reviewers who doesn’t think socialism is a good thing, we became fast friends. It also helps that he’s a genuinely good guy, a terrific writer, and that when it comes to movies we frequently disagree (I love to argue).

But outside of our friendship, Christian’s impressive resume also makes him a perfect match to join the BH family. He loves films, loves writing about films, has an impressive journalism background and an equally impressive Rolodex. What he’ll bring to the site is more of what he’s already brought over the last few years as one of our iron men contributors … and more!

Christian will also be working closely with our contributor family and helping us to expand the site into different arenas of popular culture. The results should speak for themselves, so I won’t go into any greater detail, but rest assure that in the coming weeks and months, everything you love about Big Hollywood will stay the same — we’re just going to get better.

So please welcome Christian aboard and look for his byline on a regular basis.


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