ABC News 'Selectively Edits' Occupy Wall Street Mob To Look Like Victims

Just think back over the past few years to the corrupt MSM’s coverage of the tea party movement and compare it to this video that shows an Occupy Wall Street mob descending on a few police officers. ABC News is quite obviously attempting to spin this occurrence into something akin to the civil rights movement, where the mob is the victim and the police are the oppressors.


This video isn’t even subtle in its propagandist goals. Open with a big, burly cop wildly swinging baton at crowd. Cut to reasonable-sounding protester describing the horror of it all. Cut back to big, burly cop wildly swinging baton. Cut to yet another reasonable-sounding protester. Inter-cut with populist signs.

No interviews with police.

No other side of the story.

Throughout the country and over the course of the last few years, tea parties held everywhere have been shockingly orderly and without incident. And yet, the MSM’s hostility towards these peaceful assemblies has more often than not ben edited in a way to intentionally create a false impression of extremism, racism, and even violence. The most telling example would be this now infamous NBC stunt.

Occupy Wall Street, however, is everything the MSM falsely accused the tea party of being. There’s been lawlessness, hundreds of arrests, and a ton of astro-turf. And yet as a response, we get this kind of coverage from ABC News that attempts to spin a mob charging a few police officers as just another brave act of civil disobedience where big, scary cops overreact.

Just imagine the reverse, imagine if a mob of tea partiers had charged the police in that fashion. You can bet your life that like the Rodney King video, that moment would’ve been replayed on every MSM outlet until the images were seared into our national memory — but with a completely different spin and narrative. Instead of “civil disobedience,” the angle would’ve focused on tea party “mob violence.” Instead of reasonable-sounding tea partiers being inteviewed to tell their side of the story, terrified police officers would now be allowed to describe the chaos and their own fear as wild-eyed crazies in three-pointed hats came at them in wave after wave.

The corrupt media is going to do everything they can to help these protests, all in the hopes that this kind of organized activism can turn into a wave of votes big enough to re-elect Their Precious One. Trust me, this is all about 2012 and the need for something that can turn into a movement with the passion needed to bring people (especially young people) to the polls. Because the Left has cooled on Obama, Van Jones, Big Labor and the MSM are all teaming up on this. The absurdity of it all is that those supposedly outraged at Wall Street are not outraged at the corporatist Wall Street toadie currently sitting in the Oval Office. As someone who is no fan of the bailed-out losers currently loafing in the comfort of too-big-to-fail on a street called Wall, I would be happy to support and even join in a legitimate protest against these welfare queens.

While I despised the cultural bigotry at work in the MSM’s tea party coverage, in a way the MSM did the tea party a favor. Because the scrutiny was so unfairly intense from the beginning, the tea party became hyper-vigilant in policing itself and making sure no outside elements were allowed to unfairly tarnish them. On the flip-side, when you see video like the report posted above, what you have is the MSM covering for Occupy Wall Streeters which is likely to only embolden them to get more and more reckless and more and more extreme. It’s hard to see how that doesn’t eventually backfire. We just have to hope no one gets hurt or killed.

Now that the stimulus and ObamaCare have failed so miserably, everything the Left holds dear has been proven a failure. But if you think they’re going to wake up to this fact and embrace Reaganomics, you don’t know the Left. The next step to seizing power is anarchy and that’s what Occupy Wall Street is all about — what we saw in Wisconsin with the crybaby public union protests, but ramped up on a national level.

No one knows how this is going to end, but this is all the doing of White House allies such as Van Jones and Big Labor. And however it ends, it must do so at the feet of Barack Obama. These are his biggest supporters, his people, and I have yet to hear him say — even after hundreds of arrests – “not in my name.”


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