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Trailer Talk: Reitman and Cody Reunite for 'Young Adult'


The 2007 smash ‘Juno’ left movie goers irrevocably divided. Either you loved Ellen Page as a wiseacre trying to give her new baby a good home, or you balked at the hamburger phone, quirky songs and other precious elements lined up for our pleasure.

Now, ‘Juno’ director Jason Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody are back with ‘Young Adult,’ an upcoming dramedy dropped into the schedule for maximum Oscar consideration – Dec. 9.

The trailer offers a far different vibe than ‘Juno,’ but there’s a snarkiness that unites the two projects. Charlize Theron stars as a former high school princess who returns home and decides to win back and old flame (Patrick Wilson). But said flame is already married and has a child on the way.

“We can beat this thing together,” she tells him in the trailer’s kiss-off line.

Cody earned an Oscar for her ‘Juno’ script, but she’s still an unpredictable force in the film industry. Her attempt at wink-wink horror, 2009’s ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ showed a serious lack of understanding for an admittedly tricky genre. She had better luck as a driving force behind Showtime’s ‘The United States of Tara.’

But Reitman may be the surest bet in Hollywood these days. His first three movies – ‘Thank You for Smoking,’ ‘Juno’ and ‘Up in the Air’ – reveal a gifted filmmaker with a penchant for quality material. His presence alone is enough to make ‘Young Adult’ one of the year’s must-see movies.


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