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Belafonte on Herman Cain: 'Totally False' and 'A Bad Apple'


Aging crooner Harry Belafonte wants us to know Herman Cain is one “bad apple,” someone for whom prayers weren’t created.

Belafonte, hitting the talk show circuit to promote his new memoir ‘Sing Your Song,’ blasted the Republican presidential candidate on ‘The Joy Behar Show.’

Here’s Belafonte responding to Cain’s recent comments about how racism isn’t holding black people back “in a big way [today].”

“It’s very hard to comment on someone who is so denied intelligence,” Belafonte said, “someone who has denied such a view of history.”

“Because he happened to have good fortune hit him, he had a moment where he broke through … does not make him the authority of the plight of people with color.”

But Belafonte was just getting started.

“The Republican party, the Tea Party, all those forces to the extreme right have consistently tried to come up with representations of what they call black, what they call the real negroes,” he says, citing Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.

“Herman Cain is just the latest incarnation of what is totally false to the needs of our community, and the needs of our nation. I think he’s a bad apple, and people should look at his hole card, he’s not what he says he is.”

When Behar tells her guest Cain doesn’t have a prayer in the presidential election Belafonte responds, ‘”I don’t think prayers were created for him.’


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