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Oscar-Winner Charlie Kaufman Rips Hollywood, Moviegoers, and Bloggers


America’s biggest import, by far, its biggest influence on the global community is itself. Its values, its ideals, its ridiculously inflated opinion about itself. Its idea of celebrity … And how is this export disseminated? Movies, TV, music. You are a cog in this cancerous lie spewing machine. — “Frank or Francis”

The Wrap:

TheWrap got an early look at the script, which [Andy] Kaufman will direct. Here’s his Hollywood 101:

Moviegoers are dumb sheep who flock to idiotic movies and don’t know how to handle anything the least bit out of the ordinary.

Movie bloggers are ill-tempered losers who live with their parents, except when they’re pretentious snobs scared to be creative and desperate to tear down other people’s creativity.

Actors make deals with the devil (or whatever equivalent they can find) to have success.

Oh, and it’s also a musical.

Though none of Hollywood escapes Kaufman’s withering gaze, “Frank or Francis” — which Kaufman is slated to begin shooting in January with Nicolas Cage, Jack Black, Steve Carell and Kevin Kline — reserves particular vitriol for the Academy Awards.

Sounds like nothing more than just another heaping helping of Hollywood’s favorite sport of self-involved, self-loathing masturbation.


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