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Martin Sheen: Celebs Should Blame Corporate America for Lousy Economy, Not Obama



Looks as though everyone in Hollywood received their talking points and that it’s no coincidence they dovetail perfectly with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The push is on to gin up the Left-wing vote by blaming the job creators the successful the wealthy for our current economic problems as opposed to President FailureTeleprompter and the wet dream of liberal policies that were passed during his first term … and failed so publicly.

Martin Sheen is right on message, as is the media, and you can bet that if Romney is our nominee he will be tarred and feathered as “The Wall Street Guy.”

This is all about turning out the vote and keeping young voters on Obama’s side even as they enter their fourth year of not being able to find work.

This is scapegoating of the highest order and it is a disgrace.


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