Hollywood One-Percenter Russell Simmons: 'I Don't Pay Taxes'


Obviously feeling the sting from those of us who have pointed out that there’s a very simple way to fulfill your own burning desire to pay more in taxes, gazillionaire Russell Simmons tried to explain his way out of that with this nonsense:

The conservatives always say to me, would I, why don’t I just write a check for more taxes. … Well, no, I won’t give my money to war machine and to other things, but if it will help the education and the health care for people who are locked out, of course I want to pay more taxes.

Oh, so that’s the hold up. He only wants to pay more taxes if those taxes are directed towards what he believes in. Unfortunately, that is not how taxes work and you can bet Simmons know this. But he lacks the moral courage to speak the truth and say he doesn’t want to pay more taxes. Furthermore, a gift to the Treasury doesn’t fund anything. It helps to pay down the national debt. So Simmons doesn’t even have his facts straight.

Hit PLAY and hold your nose. The hypocrisy is strong with this one:


What a weaselly, pathetic excuse.

And naturally this raging hypocrite wouldn’t dream of giving the rest of us the choice of where our taxes go to, because I can assure you that all of mine would be directed towards the “war machine” and not a penny would go towards a drug of dependency known as welfare.

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