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Under Fire for 'Mong' Jokes, Ricky Gervais Attacks Fellow Comedians For Not Supporting Him


Comedians defending other comedians when they’re under attack for being insensitive…

What a novel idea.

First, some background:

Did Ricky Gervais cross the line by being his usual, I-could-care-less-what-people-think-about-me self?

The British comedian evoked online ire after posting a series of tweets referencing “mongs,” once a slur directed at people with Down’s Syndrome, and sometimes accompanying them with photos of him making silly faces. “Two mongs don’t make a right,” read one tweet. “Night night monglets,” he told his followers on Oct. 14.

Criticism came quick. Comedians and Down’s Syndrome advocacy groups have called out Gervais for reviving the word, but he claims “mong” now means something else.

“Well done everyone who pointed out that Mong USED to be a derogatory term for DS,” he wrote, referring to Down’s Syndrome. “Gay USED to mean happy. Words change. Get over it.”

Here’s the latest:

Ricky Gervais has taken a swipe at his fellow funnymen for failing to speak out to support him in the ongoing controversy over his use of a derogatory word associated with Down Syndrome. … Now he’s taken to his blog to predict other comedians will soon be joining his growing list of detractors. Gervais writes, “I love how me using ‘mong’ to mean ‘div’ or ‘gimp’ (and explaining that 20 times) has become… ‘Ricky Gervais abuses Down’s Syndrome children.’ Ha ha. Why children?… I also love how everyone is trying to get in on it too. “We’ll definitely see some comedians on daytime telly discussing how terrible I am, then mentioning their upcoming gig that’s not selling. Good luck to them though… All these people saying it’s ‘disgusting’ and ‘ban him from the telly’… They never liked me anyway. They couldn’t have or they would understand.”

You first, Mr. Gervais.

After a good faith search, I’ve been unable to come up with a single example of Ricky Gervais expressing any support for Tracy Morgan after those fascists at GLAAD trotted him around the country on a re-education tour for daring to target gays in his act. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find an example of Gervais supporting any comedic talent targeted by GLAAD’s increasingly chilling speech police. Not Chelsea Handler. Not “Saturday Night Live.”

If I missed something, I apologize in advance. If not, it’s still not too late, Mr. Gervais.

It’s also worth nothing that unlike those with Down Syndrome, gays are more than capable of defending themselves. So if I were to ever go PC and enlist in the Humor Police, what Gervais did would be a much higher priority.


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