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Obama Asks Hollywood to Help Him Re-Write History of Last Three Years


During a speech this morning in Denver, President Obama spoke of how it’s going to take time to build an economy that gives opportunity to all people and not just those at the top. The President also discussed how difficult it is to build such an economy when Republicans refuse to play along.

In summary, he used his usual tactic of “divide and conquer” by setting “the people” against the “the rich,” which his ongoing attempt to place the blame for the Obama economy on the backs of Congressional Republicans and wealthy Americans.

Ironically, while trying to talk to “average Americans” (as if he were one of them), Obama didn’t mention the “undisclosed meeting” he’d held with some of Hollywood’s rich execs yesterday. The President didn’t mention that he’d asked those execs for “their help to engage the Hollywood community, in particular, and the general public at large.” Nor did he point out that his whole persona is so fake, so truly fraudulent, that he’s literally hoping these wealthy, influential Hollywood elites can “help [him] shape the national political conversation heading into a tough race in 2012.”

Note to President Obama: The conversation template is already set. That template is a discussion of your absolute failure as a president.

At a Los Angeles fundraiser on Tuesday night, Obama looked out at people who had paid $5,000 apiece to attend and said: “This campaign has never been about glitz and glory, or just the blind pursuit of power. [Rather,] we are determined to create a better future.” I’m sorry, but there’s not a Hollywood executive anywhere who can make such statements believable.

The industry already did what it could to help elect him in the first place, from celebrities bashing and berating Gov. Sarah Palin across media outlets to throwing massive fundraisers to line his campaign coffers.

Obama absolutely has to have more than three quarters of a billion dollars in those coffers if he’s to have any chance of destroying his Republican opponent. Even then, Obama has got to depend on Hollywood to rewrite the history of the last three years in such a way that those of us who’ve lived it, who’ve lost jobs, homes, and savings during it, will actually believe that this economy is Speaker Boehner’s fault (although he only became Speaker in 2011).

Or they have to make us believe that it’s President George W. Bush’s fault (although he left office in January 2009), or that it’s the fault of the rich (although Obama is shamelessly draining them of their wealth one new tax at a time).

Nope, this mess is Obama’s fault. And there’s nothing a group of Hollywood execs can do to make us love “hope and change” again.


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