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Jon Stewart Hearts First Responders … Unless They're Responding to Violent Liberals


Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart wipes off the greasepaint when it’s time to salute – and protect – the First Responders from 9/11.

It’s one of his more admirable stances, even if it’s often accompanied by slams against the GOP.

But ‘The Daily Show’ host apparently drops his affection for the men and women in blue when they dare to protect citizens from the violent Occupy Wall Street types.

This week, Stewart climbed aboard his funny pulpit to admonish cops for cracking down on the folks Occupying Oakland. According to Stewart’s highly edited clip reel, the protesters were hardly a menacing bunch, but cops used tear gas and other forceful methods to keep them in line all the same.

How. Could. They?

As my tag team partner John Nolte said earlier, Stewart clearly left out this, this, this, and this. Oh, and this, this, this and this. ADDED: And this!

What say you, Mr. Stewart? Does he really think local law enforcement members, who know every Occupier likely has a fancy new iPhone to record any hint of police brutality, started hurling tear gas for no good reason?

The Left continues to ignore the violent nature of many Occupy protest gatherings while the mainstream media practice the fine art of misdirection to ensure the public won’t hear about it. That just doesn’t work anymore in our digital age.


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