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Hanoi Jane 'Scared' of GOP Candidates


Jane Fonda was brave enough to march into enemy territory during the Vietnam War, but she’s absolutely frightened by the politicians vying to evict President Barack Obama from the Oval Office in 2012.

Fonda shared her trepidation regarding the Republican presidential hopefuls with, who else, CNN’s Piers Morgan.


“They all scare me frankly,” Fonda said, when asked to comment on the intellectual capacity of each member of the field. “I get depressed and scared when I look at the Republican debates … “I’m worried about anybody getting elected to office who says we have to do away with or privatize social security, we have to reduce medical health insurance, we have to not raise taxes,” she responded. “And, oh, there’s no problem with the environment, this is all made up by the left, the scientists don’t really know what they’re talking about — this worries me.”


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